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Aeterra Workspace

Connect to Your Sustainable Future

EHS compliance and sustainability management pose multifaceted challenges to investment professionals, management teams, and operational leaders. Aeterra's proprietary cloud-based digital environmental platform can provide a solution to these challenges. This innovative, accessible tool supports EHS management, sustainability measurement, and greenhouse gas emissions calculations in a centralized platform. Create reports, track progress, and build transparency and accountability using this adaptive environmental platform.

Efficiently manage compliance requirements in one place.

The calendar-based task management tool allows users to track and complete EHS obligations on time. Demonstrate strong compliance performance by managing tasks, documents, reports, and calculations in one place.

Collect and report ESG key performance indicators (KPIs).

Select KPI frameworks and build data collection programs simply, through the streamlined portal. Customized dashboards allow you to monitor data and progress in real time and share with Limited Partners, investors, or C-suite.

Simplify your GHG emission calculations.

Identify emission sources and efficiently map out Scope 1, 2, and/or 3 emissions. The system automatically maps sources to up-to-date emission factors to accurately calculate emission numbers following a chosen protocol. Monitor emissions over time and track reduction strategies using the measurement tools. Flexible dashboarding options allow you to get the clearest picture of your GHGs.

Never miss a deadline.

Innovative notification and hierarchy structure allow users to stay on top of deadlines. Calendar-based alerts to email and/or phone prevent things from slipping through the cracks. Build accountability and identify problem areas using the notification system.

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