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Automotive parts re-manufacturer and distributor

Streamlined Environmental Compliance for Multi-Site Manufacturer

The Challenge

A portfolio company with more than 100 North American locations, an automotive parts re-manufacturer, and distributor had some unique challenges. While the compliance needs of the individual sites are not complex, there are no in-house environmental specialists to keep track of what the actual requirements are. The managers of each facility have too many other responsibilities to manage routine environmental tasks, too.

The company also needed to simplify integration of new acquisitions into their overall environmental program. Finally, they sought an approach that would support them through the investment cycle and show future investors that they had taken a deliberate and proactive approach to compliance.


Environmental Compliance

  • Chemical reporting, SPCC planning, multi-media permitting, waste management, environmental training, and asbestos management planning

Aeterra Workspace

Environmental Due Diligence

The Solution

Initially, Aeterra worked with the client to conduct multimedia environmental compliance audits at its facilities, tailoring the approach to include in-person and virtual inspections. Locations were selected based on relative risk the types of operations conducted.

Aeterra then developed a targeted list of resulting corrective actions for identified environmental deficiencies, then collaborated with the client to resolve them. Concurrently, Aeterra configured Aeterra Workspace to consolidate the client’s ongoing environmental obligations within a bespoke environmental management system.

Training was also provided to foster engagement and accountability with the client’s local managers. As the client pursues new acquisitions, Aeterra provides pre-transaction environmental due diligence, including compliance reviews. Findings are ultimately transferred into Aeterra Workspace, post-closing, to support integration into the broader management system.

The Results

The automotive parts company now manages its environmental compliance obligations digitally, with transparency and accountability at all levels. Environmental compliance is supported and tracked throughout the acquisition and investment cycle, including proactive and intentional resolution of any potential deficiencies identified during due diligence.

An environmental snapshot of the entire portfolio can be easily reviewed in the web-based system. The company recently entered into a sale process, and the accessibility of information, along with the historically deliberate approach to management environmental matters, has reflected positively to the potential buyer and simplified the process for the client.

Additional Success Stories

Case Study

Mitigating Liabilities for a Chemical Company

A chemical distributor and supplier had a cluster of facilities in close proximity in New Jersey. Each facility was subject to a number of historical and on-going remediation projects. New cleanup obligations would be triggered by the transaction in accordance with ISRA.

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